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  • 10-ga charger wire

    Quantity Needed:  1.5 feet needed

    Sku: EVM-0206-EVM-0207

    Order 10-ga charger wire 1.5 feet
  • 12v-35AH AGM Sealed BatteryCopy of EVM-0232

    This is the correct replacement for your EVMaster Vehicle system. (4 needed)
    Its ultra-safe construction and Hi-tech performance and durability ensures your team the  best combination of reliability, value and power.
    Includes metric hardware.

    Sku: EVM-0232

    Order Single AGM 12V35AH battery
  • 16-ga control wire

    Sku: EVM-0208-EVM-0214-EVM-0215-EVM-02163-EVM-0209-EVM-0212-EVM-0210

    Order 16-ga control wire
  • 250 Amp fuseEVM-0259

    This fuse is located in the center of your battery block, it connects and protects the battery pack.

    Sku: EVM-0259

    Order 250 amp fuse
  • 48 Volt ChargerEVM-0218a

    A fully automatic charger specifically rated for your EVMaster’s 48Volt AGM lead acid battery’s system.
    Provides an efficient charging protocol designed for the batteries in your EVMaster.
    Original replacement. Includes SB-50 Anderson connector and handle.
    (Part looks may vary)

    Sku: EVM-0218

    Order Charger
  • Accelerator Pedal complete (EVM-0422)Copy of DSC03021

    Includes accelerator pedal (right) with mounting base, potentiometer installed with 7 ft. lead, mounting hardware and linkage.

    Sku: EVM-0422

    Order Accelerator Pedal complete
  • Batteries Cut-Off SwitchEVM-0240

    This hi amp, heavy duty switch is the master cut-off control of your vehicle, includes an extra (spare) key.

    Sku: EVM-0240

    Order Cut-off switch
  • battery boxEVM-0431

    plastic case that holds two  U-1 batteries per side.

    Sku: EVM-0431

    Order battery box
  • Battery terminal stripPICT0154

    This part is to connect your 4 batteries into one 48 volt system.

    Sku: EVM-0205

    Order Battery terminal strip
  • Brake AssemblyEVM-0415

    This complete assembly could be mounted as a right or left part.
    You just need to attached the lever to the desired direction.
    Includes back plate, lever arm, brake shoes and hardware.
    Galvanized finish.

    Sku: EVM-0415

    Order Brake assembly