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EVMASTERS (powered by STEM)

Electric Vehicle kits for education.

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EVMaster ( or electric vehicle master ) is the perfect educational tool for STEM. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as other subjects and curriculums:

Environmental  Science.

Principles of Technology.

 Principles of Manufacturing.

Introduction to Electronics, etc.

The tool is a full size, driveable (EVMaster) vehicle that you assemble in class following comprehensive instructions while displaying every imaginable scientific principle:

simple machines, measurement systems, material’s properties, manufacturing technology, electricity, aerodynamics, etc….

Our program aligns with a standards-based, interdisciplinary curriculum that allows for authentic learning and assessment. It is a low cost, all included project, ( even tools and curriculum) designed to build an exciting drivable electric vehicle in your classroom. EVMaster is the founder and supplier of the electric vehicle education program.

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Mission Statement:

EV Master is an Educational program to help teachers and students to learn and understand about the many disciplines involved in the world of transportation and environmental science.

You will use our own electric vehicle emtv (electric master teaching vehicle) as the subject of demonstration.

It keeps the interest and attention of the students while giving teachers a fabulous hands-on tool to demonstrate many principles of different disciplines, mainly Physics and Physical Science, but also, Math, Chemistry, Environmental Science, History, English… to name just a few.

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EV Master believes that the short-term future of transportation will be in the hands of those companies manufacturing electric and alternative fuel vehicles.

It is estimated that most oil reserves are going to be depleted by 2060.

EVMaster was founded on the premises of fulfilling the tremendous need for competent professionals in the fields of electric and alternate fuel systems that are fast becoming the standard of transportation for our new generation.

Our Government is supporting the development of suitable, made in America,  alternative options. But currently, in the USA,  90% of the vehicles in the market with practical electric hybrid drive-trains are imports. We have to be ready to accept, use and service them, and hopefully one of these days, understand them well enough to manufacture the best of them.

As a country, we are not there yet.
EVMaster is an organization formed by professionals with more than 30 years of relevant experience in Transportation (Automotive) Design and Electrical & Mechanical Engineering.

At EVMaster we developed an all-parts-and-information-included educational electric vehicle package that is currently used in schools to teach different curriculums.

We organize workshops to train and support the teachers involved in these programs. We participate and co-sponsor events for EVMasters and other alternative vehicles to compete at local, state, and national levels.

The schools that participated in our initial stages, have attended  events nationwide with outstanding results,  bringing home not only  trophies and awards, but also showing measurable improvement on standardized test scores for all participants.

Educating our new generations with electric vehicles is a special challenge because we are working with future technologies that may not exist yet.

By making Physics, Math, Science,  and Technology fun and interesting in a classroom environment, EVMaster is laying down the foundation of knowledge and interest required to develop such technologies in our country.

Luis Romo  is the founder of EVMaster.

here is a brief resume of his proffessional background.
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